A site devoted to the idea of triple bottom line

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I’m not sure how I found this site. Oh yeah, over at tonic.com they had a review of America’s Most ‘Sustainable’ CEOs with a link to Triple Pundit. The site’s content is devoted to People, Planet and Profit and there is a lot of it and they appear to want more business writers.

I generally don’t like topic specific sites; it always seems like the ideas are confined to a narrow sphere of expression. So, if the site is about the environment that’s all there is, the lens for every article is green. I guess there is nothing wrong with that and I suspect most sites are like that, of course. I find I get the most out of my reading when I follow links from related topics on unrelated sites.  So, a link from a site about art or books or cycling, leads to an article in Scientific American, which provides a link to another interesting thought on a marketing site.  And somehow, for me, that provides context and depth and helps my understanding. Of course, sometimes I get lost in a maze of my own linking but that’s ok, too.

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