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I love the idea behind The Denver Bike Cafe . A coffee shop that allows you to sip a brew, get your bike tuned and bring your own snacks is a place I can see myself hanging out. I realize there’s only a tentative link to the concept of a coffee shop ride because we drove rather than rode to Denver but I made an exception because I think this concept is great.  Because it was the day after new year’s eve and I was not nursing an early morning hangover like most of the Boulder, the drive to Denver was pretty quick. I may be admitting mee-maw (granny) status but to my defense a truck-load of congestion had been deposited into my sinuses a couple of days before making feel like my head was 3x larger than normal and everything tasting like wet cardboard.

The first thing we noticed when we walked into the cafe was that there were a lot of chairs. I mean. a. lot. And, sadly, not

Lots of chairs

many people siting at them but I really think that’s because it was new year’s day.  The place was huge and divided into two areas: one side containing a number of patio tables strung together; the other side featuring the bike tune-up area. We ordered a couple of americanos, which weren’t bad but noticed pretty quickly the large selection of Colorado brews. A large outdoor seating area (remember, I said there were a lot of chairs) would be the perfect place to enjoy an Upslope after an urban ride.

Yes, we could have ridden and probably will try to this summer but sometimes cycling culture can be enjoyed off the bike, too.  Denver Bike Cafe could have used a few more cycling-inspired posters and images but the music was great and the baristas were really friendly. I can’t complain about my start to 2012.

Sip, Tune, Ride


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