If you can’t beat ’em, may as well linger at the back, chat and take pictures

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IMG_0636This year I finally did it. I got myself and my bike organized and out the door to join the Boulder Cycling Club’s Tuesday night ride. I’d like to say I showed up promptly, looking the part but instead I was about 10 minutes late and dressed for Winter’s worst. Fortunately, there appeared another laggard, who thankfully gave me a general idea of the direction and I was off trying to catch the back wheel of the back of the group.

And a good-sized group it was, although I didn’t find that out until I was mashing the pedals up to Eldorado Springs and was greeted with faces fully alive with smiles, swooping down in the opposite, down hill direction. There were even some women waving happily to me within the pod of brightly-colored cyclists. I wished I was amongst them dashing down the mountain road but instead I was fully and rightfully at the back going through my paces. But I was not alone. Greg, who I think volunteered for sweeper on this ride, kept me company, in good spirits and excited to come back the following week. Thanks Greg!

The group all met back at the Wilderness Pub for grub and beers. Sadly, I was unable to join them because in my haste to make the ride, I’d forgotten about the post-ride chance to meet and greet and failed to bring lights, more appropriate shoes or money.  In the end, it worked out well as Mr. R and I are on this paleo diet which primarily consists of eating like our grandparents did. During the war.

It was a fun, social ride, exactly the type of experience I was looking to have.  Next time, I hope to meet some of the other riders during the ride and get to know them better over a beer and some wings after the ride.

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