No Ride – Cycling Post About Hygiene

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This weekend was just too darn cold to ride. I know there may have been some die-hards out there on Boulder roads this past Sunday but I was not one of them. Instead, hubby and I drove out to Hygiene to check out the Crane Hollow Cafe, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

(Yes, we drove. But look at that picture to the left. Snow on the roof and icicles hanging from the eaves, it was enough to keep this gal indoors, drinking coffee and eating pie. )

I’ve always cycled right through Hygiene without stopping, in a hurry to get on my way to Carter Lake. Each time, I whiz through town I always think “one day, I’m going to stop and have coffee or breakfast there”. And to be fair, I was never certain what their hours were but now I know they are open til 2pm on the weekends and serve breakfast all day.

Hygiene is also the only place I’ve ever gotten a ticket while riding my bike. A group of us were out for the day, and were probably headed towards Carter Lake or places beyond. Each of us did a roll-stop through the only stop sign in town. No sooner had we passed through that two or three cop cars descended on us and corralled us into the middle school parking lot, where we each got a hefty fine.  We were informed that the appropriate way to stop, was to unclick and place our foot on the ground.  We were each a bit miffed at the situation but to be fair, cycling clubs in Boulder have a tendency to swell to 30-40 riders and not heed many of the street signs. I guess they had to send a message somehow.

Fortunately, that little incident did little to dampen my enthusiasm for Hygiene. And as soon  as the temperature is sitting comfortably about freezing, I’ll be headed back out for biscuits and gravy (or shit on a shingle, if you’re from S. Texas) and a frothy coffee.


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