Pre-Carter Lake Cycling Preparation—What to eat before the big ride

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I arrived.

I arrived.

Last Saturday, I made it..cycling all the way out to Carter Lake and back into Boulder. I took the main Carter Lake entrance in…slowly spinning through the cork-screw to the top of the dam and then cycling back via HWY36, which has known to make adults cry as they creep slowly up the 5 hills of ruin back into Boulder. How did I achieve this stunning pro-like performance? Based on the latest in scientific and dietary research from an evening out with friends on the Friday night before, red wine & cheese are the key ingredients to achieve unprecedented training results. I admit I was dubious and I already felt like I was moving with the speed and ease that would make any 86 year old envious (except for maybe in Boulder.)But I went all in. Doubled-down on the triple-cream brie, took a wedge from the Wensleydale (with cranberries) and slathered a lovely cheese/dilly combo all over crackers, washing it all down with a blend of every imaginable variety of red wine (grenache, termpernillo, etc.) that has ever gathered together into a single glass. Venga!

Need training tips on what to eat before the big ride to meet your cycling goals, like an upcoming Triple Bypass? Me too!



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  1. 1 Lisa said at 10:30 pm on December 3rd, 2015:

    Red wine and cheese? Well, I can’t wait to try that! How much red wine is too much though? Thanks for the tip!

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