Sometimes it’s not the clothing. It’s just bad weather

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Last Wednesday evening, I laid out my cycling woolies, charged the battery on my new camera, and found booties for my cycling shoes. I hadn’t ridden much since the cold stuff had descended and I had taken even fewer pictures by bike so I was eager to try out my super-thin, Canon G9X. The reason for the optimism is that the the forecast on Thursday was for a sultry, balmy 41 degrees. After being in a deep-freeze for most of the holiday season, I thought at 41 I was going to feel the warming grace of a gentle sun. What I should have considered when I rolled out of my drive way at 10am was that 41 was the expected high…at 3pm. At 10, it was still below freezing and although I was wearing every piece of kit I owned by the time I rolled out of my ice-encrusted drive way and reached the top of my street, I was encased in ice and was wondering about the rationale behind this whole fitness thing.

Obviously, I had reconsidered this venture quite quickly and turned off at the next block to circle back home. I know the theory goes something about ‘no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ but that’s just misdirection from the fact that it’s fairly miserable to be riding skinny tires over ice.

On the plus side, after ditching the bike I had a great hike/run around Boulder Valley Ranch—moving at lurching pace means there was very little wind chill generated. On the down side, I wasn’t able to take any action shots with the new Christmas camera. Up until this past year, I always rode with my camera swung around my neck and shoulder–this made it easy to swing the camera to the front, catch a shot, and keep rolling. But this past summer I took a break from recording the rides and I wish I hadn’t. There are so many unexpected scenes I encounter riding along and around Boulder and I love capturing those fleeting moments and looking back at them later in the year. So, when the temps suggested a thawing, I was charged and ready. Sadly, no ride meant no pictures–and the Tuesday evening spinning crowd would likely not be amused at me taking their action shots.

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