Summer 2014—The summer that lasted an hour

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What's the rush?!

What’s the rush?!

My mom moved out to Boulder a little over a year ago and one of the unexpected outcomes is that I have had the opportunity to explore more new trails, restaurants and local going-ons than I have ever before. As I have introduced Boulder to my mom, I too have gotten to act like a tourist.

As part of doing new things, I’ve joined the Boulder Cycling Club this summer and it’s been fantastic. If you’re an experienced rider, who flies faster than the wind, they have a group for you. If you fly along at a more leisurely pace and look forward to the happy hour at Boulder Beer, post-ride they have a group ride for you.

I volunteered at the Cyclist4Lyons event this past weekend as part of the club effort; the event was both a celebration and commemoration for Lyons one-year after the flood. The craft beer folks had a strong showing; the volunteer fire department represented; the food vans always seemed to be busy and the music coming from the stage was classic Lyons.  Some members of the club rode out to Lyons from Boulder. It was a beautiful fall morning; we left Boulder around 9:30 unsure of what exactly to wear but excited to be part of an effort lending support to Lyons. Boulder in the Fall means that whatever you wear, invariably means that you are wearing the right clothing for only 25% of the time. On the whole, it was superb ride. I had never ridden west on St. Vrain; it has quite the kick right before Hwy 36 but then a sweet descent into Lyons; we coasted into Bohn Park and the bike corral and begin to help out. Great day, great cause and I hope that the event helped Lyons in some way.

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