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Now I Can Wear Cute Skirts When I Ride

I'm not sure what to name her

You know you’ve got an ingrained view of how things work when you swing your leg over a step-thru bike. Being a sad creature of habit that  is just what I did on the first day I rode my new Globe up to work. It was the first Monday back after the new year. I was super excited to ride and the first thing I did was swing my leg over the wonderfully-designed step-thru. sigh.

I didn’t really need another bike but I was also tired of limiting my wardrobe to jeans and such when I rode. It’s hard if not impossible to wear a skirt and mount a regular bike without a lot of maneuvering or careful bike placement and emerge with  any sort of dignity. I’m sure more graceful women can pull it off – I am not one of those women.

Christmas, an observant hubby and a great friend from Specialized all came together to

Soon this will have flair

provide me with a gorgeous, red, single-speed Globe! It’s perfect. The front-end basket relieves my weary back of the burden of carrying a laptop, lunch and extra clothing. The included bungee cords, one of which I have lost already, allows you to cinch everything down snugly. The bike glides along pretty effortlessly and braking is easy if a bit noisy; the coaster brake screams efficiently that you are stopping and the hand brake is as efficient if quieter. The bike is unexpectedly light considering the huge basket and full fenders, which is great since it is a single speed. Fortunately, there aren’t really any lung-burning hills I have to climb on my commute, like 9th st.

The only problem is me. I can’t seem to get the hang of stepping-thru the bike. I expect once the temps warm up a bit and I’m wearing a skirt that the movement will come pretty naturally. In the meantime, if you’re interested in a easy to ride, step-thru, with tons of carrying capacity and a place to put your fav picture, check out the Specialized Globes.

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