When Did Nostalgia Get Cool

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A View from the Hotel Boulderado

Hubby and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary this past weekend so we treated ourselves with a night at the Hotel Boulderado. The Hotel Boulderado is a historical landmark, boasts that Teddy Roosevelt stayed a night and has that old world feel. We were lucky and got to stay in the older part of the hotel. They remodeled many years ago and essentially bolted a Holiday Inn style extensions onto the back of it. Sigh.

There are a couple of room accessories that are both modern and strangely out of date. The digital alarm clock. I haven’t seen or used one of these for a several years . It’s red block letters gleaming from the faux wood box was out of place amongst into the traditional wall paper and wrought-iron bed frame

The view from the window the next morning was classic Colorado especially since we had received an 18inch dump of snow over night. The grey, overcast skies gave the whole morning a lovely older world sheen, which got me thinking about the appeal of olden times. When did that appreciation for days gone by begin and which ages are really missed?  I don’t think people of the Renaissance thought “oh, I do so miss the black death from those medieval times”.

Before Fast Tracks You Could Catch a Train

But here we are 2012 and guys are wearing flat caps, we have Tweed Rides, and speak-easys. Not that I’m complaining. There’s are quite a few things from the past that I wish we still had, like the train that used to run from Denver to Boulder, old-timey looking bars and safer roads to ride. Of course, there are a number of exceptionally awful things that I think best remanded to the past.

But it’s interesting to note what styles and trends come back around. But I don’t think the digital bed side clock will be one of them.

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