Winter Cycling Blues

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From Copehnagenize. She looks like a stoic, I'd be crying

It’s the middle of winter and my cycling habits and enthusiasm have taken a hit. I was driving out to Lyons last weekend, which is north of Boulder, and watched as the strong, die-hards wrestled and leaned into the wind. A couple of stoics had called “uncle” and were walking along side their bikes up the steep hill back into boulder. I did not blame them one bit.

But how do you regain your cycling passion when gravel-caked shoulders, wind burn and grey skies greet you as you wheel out of the garage? I read about all the amazing adventures and stories other people post:

Path Less Pedaled -I’ve been following the adventures of these two over the past year or so. They’re now in New Zealand and having a mixed-bad of it,  I think.  But a great read and will leave you inspired!

Momentum Blog – Checking out what’s new and exciting in cycling culture and advocacy. The most recent post – Urban Cycling Book – looks awesome.

Girl Bike Love – THE cycling site for women. (I also help them out a bit, so nuff said:-))

The Ride Journal – Think of the type of journal you would want to create to capture your cycling adventures and then check out the great writing is this magazine devoted to cyclists.

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